• Nicole Shelly

Black garlic oil

There is no comparison between local garlic and garlic from the grocery store. Most of what you can find at the store is softneck garlic and it is increasingly grown and imported from Asia because it is very labor intensive to plant, harvest and clean. Local garlic is hardneck typically with large mild cloves. There are different varieties each with their own unique flavor profiles. I started making this black garlic oil last season for ramen and it is great to flavor soup, stir fries or rice. It has a nutty deep flavor kind of like garlicy coffee. You can make a big batch and use it all Winter.

For 2 heads of garlic this size.

Remove all the wrappers and mince- I use a food processor.

Heat 1/2 cup oil over medium low heat like peanut, sunflower or avocado oil in a skillet and add the garlic.

The goal is to brown the garlic slowly and then almost burn it. The whole process should take about a half hour. When it gets dark brown take it off the heat because it will continue to cook.

Monitor the heat level. You can turn it up or down depending on how it is going.

After it is done, process it in a blender until smooth and add 1/3 cup sesame oil.

This is the last stage. Take it off at this point.

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